Previous Work

Over the last few years <incode> has worked on a number of large projects for large corporates and small local businesses. Below is a small selection of our recent work.

Australian Electricity Provider

Working remotely with staff in Greece, Australia and New Zealand. Various internal applications have been built to improve the tools available to staff for a wide range of customer focused tasks. These applications include “Quoting & Billing”, “Debt Management”, “Refund Processing”. The majority of these were full system builds. All of which are now crucial in day to day business operation with hundreds of staff using these tools everyday.

After becoming disatified with their previous system, User Friendly Resoucrces approached me about issues they were having when customers were previewing their online resources. After understanding the issues a custom viewer was developed to improve the user experience and to allow their customers a high-quality preview of all their online resources.

Live Rewrite is a tool to make it easy for small business owners to update their websites. Built using a combination of frontend and backend technology, Live Rewrite can be added to almost any website with no technical knowledge. Then the customer can just click to edit and save any content instantly.