<incode>’s strengths are Web Development, Vend Integrations, Web Applications and Mobile Apps. We offer a large range of other specific services that fit into these larger categories. Whether it be project management, design, server management, web hosting or email we can help get you up and running.

It doesn't matter if you are dreaming big or small; at <incode> we have the experience and knowledge to bring your dream to life.

<incode> has spent time researching and developing new tools and opportunities on the web so you can take advantage of them before the crowd.

Are you wanting to use AJAX, leverage the cloud or make use of the realtime web? We have been using all these technologies for years

For the more technically inclined, we are working with php, javascript, node, phonegap/cordova, css and html. Using servers powered by LiquidWeb, Digital Ocean, Azure and Rackspace.

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